Each year we have the best job on the planet: We get to dance, sing, play, eat, and practice peace with the beautiful children of Bosnia-Herzegovina!

Friendship Camps

Friendship Camps are daylong programs held in schools and occasionally other settings (orphanages, special-needs programs, etc.) that focus on teamwork, the strength found in a diverse group of people working together, and on the fun of tackling a shared challenge. We use music and drama exercises, conflict resolution, and diversity training. We spend the day with the children playing together, singing together, sharing stories, creating art, and eating and laughing together. We give the children, the teachers in attendance that day, and the schools gifts — including the gift of our time and love.

Friendship Camps camps are for children ages 10-13 (and anyone else who shows up!) and are intended to help bring Healing, Hope & Peace into their lives and their communities. Between 60 and 300 students (or more) and 10-20 teachers typically attend each camp.

You can see the lists of current and past friendship camps or read stories about the camps.

Camp New Hope

In the summer of 2013 we started a new program: Camp New Hope. It was a three-day retreat with a select group of young leaders invited from school in northern Bosnia from different ethnic communities. We brought these young people and one teacher from each school together to explore issues of identity and relationships built on hope and a shared desire for peace. This program was designed and led with key partners in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was VERY exciting! We have conducted the Camp New Hope program each year since.

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