Welcome to the Bosnia International Servant Trip

This is a ministry of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA, striving to build peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the wonderful children of this beautiful country. Each year in June the New Jersey Synod sends a Travel Team to Bosnia-Herzegovina, loaded up with supplies and prayers from our Home Team. Together with our Bosnian friends and partners, we hold Camp New Hope and Friendship Camps in schools and communities around the country. Along the way we build relationships, explore peace and reconciliation, and serve shoulder-to-shoulder with friends from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Especially this year… we’re eager to be a part of this ministry that brings together Muslim and Christian children in a country recently at war, where the divisions were often along ethnic and religious lines. We intentionally work with children and adults from all the ethnic and religious groups; with some we even visit each others places of worship!

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